Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching involves an ongoing relationship between a professional coach and a client, which focuses on the client's taking action toward the realization of his or her professional goals, vision and desires. Executive Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to increase the client's level of awareness and personal accountability, while providing structure, support and feedback. This kind of Coaching is a process that sets out to help people free-up their own potential so as to maximize performance in their professional lives.

Is Executive Coaching the same as Psychotherapy?

Although Executive Coaching is similar to psychotherapy in terms of the skills and qualifications required of the coach, it is nevertheless different from therapy in important ways. Psychotherapy sets out to cure mental illness and to resolve trauma. Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing professional achievements and life-satisfaction in well-functioning individuals

The Executive Coaching Process

Executive Coaching focuses specifically on issues related to effectiveness and fulfillment at work. This kind of coaching deals with developing executive and managerial skills, enhancing the capacity for leadership and team-building, identifying and utilizing personal strengths in the workplace and increasing emotional intelligence competencies. Those who benefit from executive coaching are not only senior leaders in large corporations, but also not-for-profit executives, managers, entrepreneurs, owners of small and mid-size companies and individuals who lead intense lives with multiple areas of responsibility and complex decision making challenges. A coach helps in creating a developmental plan through a process of assessment that may utilize standardized tests and self-evaluation. Developmental plans typically emphasize:

  • Developing effective executive skills
  • Identifying and modifying managerial style to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams
  • Helping the client identify and apply key strengths and assisting in adaptation to change.

The executive coach also serves as a thinking partner who supports exploration of the client's reasoning processes to reveal unacknowledged opportunities, errors and biases.

Dr. Kavanagh has trained both in group relations at the Menninger School of Psychiatry and in coaching at the College of Executive Coaching. As a board member of a global company he also has ongoing first hand experience of the business world.

Dr. Kavanagh offers Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for individual clients wishing to enhance executive and management effectiveness and business success.

The following areas of professional life may be enhanced by executive coaching:

  • Coaching for skills in a current project or task
  • Coaching for performance and effectiveness in present job
  • Coaching for leadership competency
  • Coaching for development, with a focus on future job responsibilities and career
  • Coaching for big picture issues such as business direction and success
  • Coaching for Emotional Intelligence Competencies

Please note: Your insurance company cannot be billed for coaching services. Charges will be payable to, ELCS, LLC.